24HCD 2013: My Afterthoughts

Dan J Stine:

(October 7, 2013)

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From 5:21am EST on October 5 to 4:26am on October 6, I embarked on one of the most brutal, intense, and (most importantly) fundamental experiences I had drawing-wise in 2013. Having heard of 24 Hour Comics Day for quite some time, I originally considered taking part in it last year, but chickened out in the end. This year I accepted the challenge and made it part of my weekend and lived to tell about it.

In short, 24HCD is an annual event where participants try to make a 24-page comic within that allotted time. No script-planning nor concepts are allowed ahead of time: Just improvise, improvise, improvise!


I woke up at 5am that Saturday, turned on my Mac, made sure I had everything in place. Once I pressed my phone’s stop watch (5:21am), I started without hesitation. I…

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My 24 Hour Comic: COMING SOON!

Comic page updates (24 total) will be regularly made throughout Saturday (and Sunday) during the Octrober 5, 2013 weekend. If you want to follow/subscribe to this comic, feel free to.

You can also follow me on Twitter for a livefeed of my progress; and possible teaser pics of the work. (Also, the Twitter hashtag will be #24HCD, for those wondering.)

For more information on 24 Hour Comics Day, go here.